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Travel tips- Crate Training

  • Dogs will find the trip much easier and less stressful if they are familiar with their crate. To start crate training have the door to the crate open and set up a comfy bed (not too bulky). Start feeding their meals by the crate, working up to slowly having the food bowl in the crate. The crate is a nice place for dogs, it creates a safe place for them (just like your bedroom does for you). Start using the words “hop in” and then place the bowl in the crate for feeding. Do not close the door at this point, so when they have finished eating they can then wander out.

    At this stage you can introduce a treat for “hopping in” and close the door for a couple of minutes, come back and let them out praising them. They will soon learn that you will always come back.

  • Cats we do not recommend “crate training” but you can introduce the crate into the cats surroundings with the door open. Cats are curious and if left alone they will no doubt curl up in the crate, if they think that is what you want they will not oblige!

black and white dog in green crate