Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

Most pets will find the trip much easier and less stressful if they are familiar with their crate.
They will be in unfamiliar surroundings so having them feel comfortable in their crate is important.
Even getting them to sleep in the crate overnight will be a big help. Make the crate a nice place for them to go in – comfy blanket, food treats, toys, etc.
Dogs are 99% wolf so being in a cave is very natural – the cage becomes the cave in this case

Planning a trip is so much easier if it is organized in advance. This will mean you can focus on all of the other things.
Move My Pet can advise you of any blood tests, vaccinations, etc that are required before travel and some of these can be done well in advance (others must be completed within a timeframe from travel) so your pet is not going through everything in the few days before the trip – spread the load.
NOTE – all pets leaving NZ must now be microchipped and this can be done at any time before travel.

As we will be looking after your dog for several hours before the trip it will be much more relaxing for them if they are used to being walked on a lead – we can’t risk free walking them as they don’t know us well enough. ALSO – take a lead with you for when you pick up your dog.

Make sure you have an easy access email account – Gmail, yahoo, etc. This means you can check email messages from us while you are in transit.
It also means we can email you copies of documents that you can hold in cyberspace and then access from anywhere in the world.

Make sure you know where you will pick up your pets from – often we can provide you a location map so you can go straight there. You should take a copy of this with you.

Your pets should have annual health checks to ensure their long term wellbeing.
We suggest that your pet should have been checked by your vet no more than 6 months before travel.
This is not a requirement but it means you have time to address any issues before travel – especially if these issues will delay travel.
Vet care overseas will cost more than here in NZ so things like dental work, desexing, etc will be cheaper to do before you travel.

Cages and Crates

Selection of Airline approved crates for Cats and Dogs

Selection of plastic airline approved crates or custom made plywood crates.

Free Check – EMAIL us a picture of the front door and side of the crate and we can advise.

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