We offer Stress-free, Pet Moving for Cats and Dogs around New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world

Sending pets overseas goes hand in hand with excellent veterinary care and advice. Move My Pet is New Zealand’s only Vet Based pet transport business so you can be sure that your pets are in the best possible hands every step of the way.

Move My Pet around New Zealand

We offer stress-free, Pet Moving for Cats and Dogs around New Zealand. We also are able to offer Air New Zealand flights at competitive rates for your pets travelling unaccompanied.

Let us arrange this for you!

Contact us for a price and let us supply an Airline approved crate, complete the Air New Zealand bookings and paperwork, and have the crate ready and waiting with the Paperwork attached for your Pet!

  • Fly pets all around the country via Air New Zealand

  • Arrange Door to Door Service
  • Our costs are comparable with Air New Zealand

  • Breeders – We can arrange the transport for your litters to their new homes with Ease!

Pets traveling accompanied:

Once you have your e-ticket, call 0800 737 000 to book your pet as ‘Excess baggage’

Pet carriage fees:

  • Up to 25kg: NZD $75
  • 26kg and over: NZD $100
  • This is payable to Air New Zealand at the time of your Check-In
  • Crate Hire is not included in this cost, just call 0800 6683738, option 1


Around New Zealand, pet travel is through Air New Zealand and is charged by total weight – pet plus crate. In order to provide an accurate price please have your pet’s weight handy when you call.

Move My Pet around Australia

We look after all aspects of your pet’s travel, or happy to work with you and your pet’s requirements.

• Easy and stress-free, total care service
• We can get your pet to any location within Australia
• Complete itemised estimates and invoices
• No quarantine
• We look after all aspects of your pet’s travel, or happy to work with you and your pet’s requirements.

Requirements for your Dog to travel to Australia

Must be Microchipped
Must attend an MPI approved veterinary health check within five days prior to departure (We can arrange all this for you) At this check your pet will be treated with a Drontal Wormer and a Frontline flea and Tick treatment

Move My Pet Worldwide

We look after all aspects of your pet’s travel, or happy to work with you and your pet’s requirements. International travel can take time to get organized and ensure vaccinations are administered in the required timeframe. Because all countries have their own requirements please contact us so we can advise the most up to date country agreement. If you are thinking of moving your pet, ask now so you are aware of the requirements for your pets travel in plenty of time.

  • Easy and stress free, total care service

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • We can get your pet to most major airports around the world

  • Help and advice with paperwork

  • Advice with country entry requirements

  • Complete itemised estimates and Invoices

Complete requirements for your pets to exit New Zealand

• May need vaccines, please contact us for country-specific entry requirements
• Must be microchipped
• Export certificate under complete requirements for your pets to exit NZ
• Must have AWEC (full terms) issued from MPI
• Must have a health check from the vet, we arrange this for you
• May need parasite treatment, please contact us for country-specific requirements
• We arrange and complete with MPI the Official documents and sign off, including the AWEC
• Availability of flights may vary due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Move My Pet Pricing:

Move My Pet is MPI and airline approved – all pet transporters have to be.

International pet travel pricing depends on the destination. Move My Pet will provide you with a free itemised estimate. All we need is your destination, number of pets, pet species (cats or dogs), breed and sizes as per sizing chart. Rates depend on where you are traveling to and from so please call us for a price estimate for your trip.

Import My Pet from Australia

• Easy and stress free total care service
• We complete all the Customs clearance and Paperwork for you
• We can arrange to get your pet to you anywhere in the South Island
Please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can advise further

If you are importing from Anywhere else in the World please get in contact with Canterbury Quarantine Services and they will be able to assist you: [email protected]. or Phone 0800 668 3738 or 027 6683738